It all starts somwhere…

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It all starts somewhere so I hear, well this is my start. I started my Reiki journey just this year in February.

During a week long training my room mate was moon eyed over a new thing she had learned Reiki. This year we had separate rooms so we didn’t get to talk to each other as much as we did the first two years so it was minor moments of chatter that I didn’t get much from it other than that she loved it.

Then God found me begging for him for something to help me ease this pain that only the loss of a parent can cause. He put me on the path to find Reiki. Or for Reiki to find me.

My mother passed away in January, she was a huge piece of me. Bigger than I always thought, she left quite the void. I had been in deep grief the weeks after her passing, the pain was immeasurable. The pain had manifested into a physical pain that left me desperate. Sleep was evasive, days moved into nights and I seemingly missed some. I thought of all the things I would never share with her again. Then I was grateful for all the times I got to share those things with her. Then I felt sad for the longest time, perhaps the lethargy is what caused the pain looking back. It felt as though I lived in a shadow of my self and was slowly finding the way to the light.

I called my PCP Dr. Shu, and scheduled an appointment begging him for a pill to make it go away. He gave seen me right away did x-rays and told me I had Arthritis and then scheduled me to see a specialist, when I called the soonest the specialist could get me in was two weeks away. Two weeks of suffering how was I going to survive it?

All I could focus on was the pain, physical, mental, emotional, all of it. I made it one day then I called him pleading feeling like a druggie calling for something to ease the pain.

I had researched things that help arthritis and Ibuprofen was thought to ease the swelling in the joints of this body that was betraying me, or was it the other way around? I thought this is it, I’m going to be dependent on prescription drugs for the rest of my days.

I searched for alternative medicines to help and that is where I came across a Reiki website, I don’t even remember what site it was but the next thing I know I was reading all there was to read about Reiki and I was searching for a Reiki Master in my area. I found one and best thing ever the next class started on Friday.

I felt hope. I didnt’ know really what to expect and I was faithful that God had lead me to the right direction. During the attunement,  I thought wow this is like therapy for my soul. It was great, I felt a little tingle throughout my body, at first it was a slight vibration. I was intrigued.


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