New Beginnings Or New Endings ?

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So many changes since you last post. I find myself on a journey that is bringing me to a new beginning. Or rather a new ending. 
I’m ending my old way of thinking and altering my perspective. Viewing things from a different angle.  



Wind Warrior

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The wind dances and sings moving the snow. Twirling and spinning the snowflakes dance among the trees falling softly to the ground.

The trees are bending relenting to the force of the wind, the creaking and groaning of their growth course being changed.

The power the energy of this amazing element, whipping through me as though I were a wisp of the willow. I embrace the wind, as my lungs fill with the powerful force of air. Breathe ahhh my lungs feel excited the oxygen flows deep breathe, rolling and twirling through my being; dancing within me. I’ve captured¬†a small moment of the forceful wondrous winds for my very own. I am a Wind warrior.