When should I stop?

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When does a betrayed spouse stop asking questions they already know the answers to?

Even though I decided to move on with my life the desire for answers burns within.

I ask and more bombs go off around my marriage. By now the remnants if which could be Swiss cheese. I ask “How many other times have you cheated?” The answer astounds me.

Then the details of my ex-‘friend’ and him literally make me want to vomit. I remember moments that they went together to stuff at my urging. Like one time I couldn’t go to the beach because of work and I urged them to go together with the kids. And he is sitting there pretending their day out is a comfortable reality.

Then during her divorce he had the piss or get off the pot choice to make and couldn’t go through with it so he bailed but told her “He was working on it.”

Sick I say. I just can’t be here another minute but the kids and responsibilities that I won’t run from.

Finances play a piece in this. The affair I caught him at prompted me to get seperate bank accounts. But I just invested in my Reiki Business so my savings strapped.

So I am Sending Reiki to my current situation. If there are any Reiki practitioners that want to send some healing my way I would be grateful.

Many blessings will be bestowed upon me this will not detour me. I will get through it stronger and smarter.