2014 hopes, dreams and good things.

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I know that without bad I will not have a measure of good. The year 2013 brought about many bad moments with the good lessons being woven in. I am so glad that I kept a journal because at the end of the year I could look at where I was and what I hoped ; and compare it to the end of the year. I used it to identify the accomplishments or disappointments that I had.

I can see how throughout the year I was being guided by God to be able to face the next task at hand. I wrote down my prayers and feel that writing them out by hand helped breathe life into them.

This morning I woke up did Reiki self-treatment, and then meditated over a cup of coffee. This is my favorite thing to do. I practice focusing on the moment that I am drinking the coffee. Everything is still going on around me but I am oblivious. I think God provides us with those meditative moments to heal. Our bodies are made to heal themselves, no matter how many products a man will invent to speed up the process the only thing that can really enhance the healing in my view is Reiki Attunements.

I had severe arthritis due to the death of my mother, that in the month of February 2013 I was in physical distress. I was only able to discover this by keeping my journal. I vowed at the end of 2012 to keep a journal at least one page for every day. Well i have three journals that is right three of them. Of course getting the written word onto the computer and in the edit is another story. So my blog may be bleak for a bit. Because transcribing my work into the digital world could prove arduous on this healing body. I never realized the energy that would be coursing through my body. I should be at an excellent typing speed by the end of it. I had no idea the obstacles that would present themselves throughout the year but I feel each one made me strong enough to be where I am.


The Letter

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Here is the letter my 12 year old daughter wrote. Very blessed for sure.


Michelle 12-22-2013 694


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As I sit here reflecting on this past year, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful I am. I feel blessed, God has placed me here with these people in my life for a reason. I reflect on all of the people I have met this year, I moved to a new community and the warmth and welcome is beyond measure.


Our family celebrated the Winter Solstice last night, we opened our gifts and sat and laughed talked and had fun. It was a great moment. My two youngest children wrote us the most heart touching letters, as a Christmas gift. I’m going to ask my daughter if I can put hers in my blog. I cried half way through and read the rest through the tears.

It made me feel like a great mom even though we all know we have those “I suck as a parent” days. I had been feeling guilty over not going to see my mother last Christmas, she went into the hospital on Christmas eve last year and didn’t come out. I am trying to send Reiki to that moment so I can at least start to heal from that. I feel it working and am very grateful yet again to have been guided towards Reiki.



New Moon, New Beginnings….

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I’m starting new… Everything feels fresh and exciting. Opportunities keep presenting themselves to me and my intuition tells me to go for it. With such a firm voice I must listen, as is customary for me. 

My Nano Wrimo was the best ever this November I wrote close to 30, 000 words, now it is time to finish it up. I can’t wait to move forward with this book. My characters have been screaming at me for years it is only right to let them see the black and white of print. 

Currently an opportunity that both excites me and scares me is facing me. I have been meditating on it, writing about it, praying on it, anything that I can do and the pieces just keep falling in place for me to grasp it by it’s whisp and take the leap of faith that I am so keen on having. 

I always say Actions speak louder than words, now that it is my turn to take actions the words keep getting in the way.