You get what you ask for.

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I have just reached the second highest level in my career as a Town Clerk, I now hold the International designation of Certified Municipal Clerk. After all of this hard work and effort to reach this goal; that I set close to six years ago, I find myself wanting to leave this career path.

I have hard choices to make; I have a stable job with great benefits and I still find myself craving something different. The Spirit inside of me screams for change. I find myself day dreaming about my passion, my logical brain and my creative spirit are at odds right now. I shall meditate on it for a couple of more days.

I set my intention to have my own Wellness Business now I hope I can stop fighting with the Universe about it. All things are lining up for my intention to become reality. However I can’t seem to let go of the past comforts.

Intentions have power like no other. Reiki, Meditation and Ambition, my mantra for the next couple of days.


The Letter

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Here is the letter my 12 year old daughter wrote. Very blessed for sure.


Michelle 12-22-2013 694


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The lessons I have learned in the life time were not necessarily meant for the moment they were happening. Some of my experiences have happened so that later I would reflect on them and realize what the lesson was during that time period.

When I write in my journals I was very rarely reading them afterwards. Blogging may help me notice the patterns in my life. I was re-reading them by chance because of my book. I love the written hand that another reason it took me so long to get into blogging. I like to see my hand writing script and know that at one point in time I touched the paper that it was written on;  I like reading old diaries for that very reason.  I early on had my book thoughts trickle out onto the journal pages and wanted to see if there were any salvageable bits of excitement. That is when I started reading my own entries and they spoke to me so loudly. I have been pre-occupied with my own thought literally. When I can get through the past 20+ years of journals, the first years were a hard read, but honestly they are helping me realize how far I have come and how much I have evolved and changed.

The major thing I noticed in my life is that I live with my emotions out-loud. I may have found my second book and perhaps it is non-fiction. Excitement, nostalgia and overwhelming comfort are enveloping me this Sunday afternoon.