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134The trees have always been beautiful to me. I see them sway and dance in the wind, even though they are a part of the earth they look as free as me. These trees are behind my house I think they look like the outline of a person looking down at my house. I always thought it was a guardian of sorts.

022This is in my new location, and the trees are different here. They are used to the salt in the air the ocean spray. While walking the beaches here I have found so many drift wood  limbs. They are bare of their bark and smooth to the touch. It begins to tell its story the minute you touch it; I love the trees. Trees remind me to stay grounded, even when getting beat up by the ocean.



Some Days…

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Some days the thoughts are heavier than others. Today is one of those days, full.

Full seems like the best way to describe it, I feel full of something the descriptive word is not yet realized by me to describe it. I am mad and glad all at the same time sometimes glad at being mad.

I feel courageous and nervous and they are happening simultaneously.  I feel one great awaking after another. I’ve been reading my own Tarot, probably should be a warning. Asking all the questions that months ago may have predicted my present situation. I have decided to read more about it.

I have a crystal that I have cleared with Reiki and charged with Reiki and the Full Moon Cycle. It really does add another dimension to my Reiki sessions. I am trying to remain focused and optimistic but my moods have been so dramatic as of late. I some times wonder if my clothing choices have something to do with it. I have so many solid colored shirts and black or gray slacks. Is it because of my Aura intuition?

 I have been happiest when I wear a combination of colors, one particular sweater being among them. I wore it on my 40th birthday, then the move happened and now we are here. My mom was alive the last time I wore that sweater, it is so surreal to realize that. She hugged me that day.

Change has been all around me and when I tell myself to slow down some spiritual growth occurs during the slow down process. I never could have prepared for the grief. 

Tarot Life

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Thanks to a blog Derek J. Healey from http://www.completehealthcircle.com who’s blog I recently started following. Particularly the New Moon Meditation, I rediscovered an old friend my Tarot cards. I have had the Herbal Tarot Deck for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years I have handled them many times. The best part about them is they came with the book, I only have used the 10 card spread as shown in the book. The other night during the meditation and Reiki I did the spread and the accuracy of the cards was amazing. I cleared the cards and then re-energized them with Reiki prior to the spread and since the cards have been calling to me. I started reading the Tarot Life series by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin. I’m feeling so much calmness and joy when I read the book then I get to the end and they talk about a new Tarot Deck, the Tyldwick Tarot; I go to the website http://www.malpertuis.co.uk/tyldwick .

Instantly I know this deck is for me, the energy vibrating from the images was so overwhelming. I know one thing, I am being pulled towards this deck. Is it possible to be connected to two decks of Tarot cards? The Herbal Deck found me and for all intense purposes the Tyldwick Tarot found me as well. I was in different stages of my life when each located me and when I start the Tarot Life I feel it should be with the Tyldwick Deck. I’m hopefully going to start on the Winter Solstice.

A very significant day in my book. I’m so thankful for every thing that has brought me to this moment.