Winter Solstice


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As I sit here reflecting on this past year, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful I am. I feel blessed, God has placed me here with these people in my life for a reason. I reflect on all of the people I have met this year, I moved to a new community and the warmth and welcome is beyond measure.


Our family celebrated the Winter Solstice last night, we opened our gifts and sat and laughed talked and had fun. It was a great moment. My two youngest children wrote us the most heart touching letters, as a Christmas gift. I’m going to ask my daughter if I can put hers in my blog. I cried half way through and read the rest through the tears.

It made me feel like a great mom even though we all know we have those “I suck as a parent” days. I had been feeling guilty over not going to see my mother last Christmas, she went into the hospital on Christmas eve last year and didn’t come out. I am trying to send Reiki to that moment so I can at least start to heal from that. I feel it working and am very grateful yet again to have been guided towards Reiki.




Elder Moon…

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Transitions seem to happen when I am not paying attention. I feel as though my life has transitioned, through the grief and is dwelling in the here and now.

As the Winter Solstice draws near I feel the strength of the Winter spirits calling to me.


It is the Elder Moon tonight:“Elder indicates the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end. Life in Death and Death in Life.”

The end in the beginning and the beginning in the end, this portion of the page resonates with me tonight.